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Hours of Operation: Mon - Fri 8:00am - 8:00pm

Meet our Heavenly Boys

This is Chewy. He's a gorgeous miniature F1 chocolate merle cockapoo. He lives in a guardian home. He has been an amazing addition to our breeding program. 

This is Chance, he is a gorgeous F1b cockapoo with the silkiest hair ever.  Chance is in need of a guardian home. He is bonded with Presley. He is the sweetest boy ever and follows me everywhere.  Chance loves to snuggle on the pillow next to me. I'm so lucky to have spent so much time with this guy, 

This is Sgt. Preston, he's a gorgeous F3 red tuxedo standard cockapoo. Preston lives in a guardian home here in Lafayette and used to visit weekly for his human sisters flute lessons. He and Chloe grew up playing together almost weekly and truly love each other. 

This is Milo, he is an F3 cockapoo and he has the most amazing eyes and such a striking color. He lives with a guardian family just outside of Lafayette. Milo's parents are excited to have him filling up their lives as they are both newly retired. 

This is Stanley, he is the newest boy to join our program. He is a miniature F1 cockapoo with gorgeous green eyes and a liver nose. His best friends are rabbits that he follows everywhere and plays with their toys. He's a super sweet little man, can't wait to see what he brings to our program. 

This is Jacques Winifred. "Winnie" He is a gorgeous Miniature chocolate poodle that will be a big part of our program next year. He lives with a guardian family and has 2 cat siblings. He's such an gentle well behaved little guy and gets to hang out with Mia and Journey quite often.